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What’s the benefits of fish oil

You may heard the saying that you’d choose best fish oil supplement rather than consuming cold fish from deep sea. How does it come this suggestion? Whether the cold fish from farm better than wild caught one? Do we have any standard rule for selecting best fish oil supplement? And what can we get benefits of fish oil for our health in deed?

best fish oil supplementsLet us explain one by one, at the end, you can find the clear answers to above question.

Which one is better for us, fish oil supplement or intake of fish from deep sea?

That’s open question, depends on the fish source. If it’s reliable farm source, and is far away from heavy metal, PCBs pollution, then intake of fish from deep sea 2-4 times per week will be a good option for consumption. For example, you’ve to eat 2 times, 3 oz serving of fish every week if just for health consideration. Meanwhile, if you plan to protect your heart from cardiac disease, then rise it to 4 times per week will be better.

If you’re living inland, then fish oil supplement will be a convenient way to get the benefits of fish oil.

We know there are some fish oil supplements touted their wild-caught fish from Alaska.

Does it mean better for wild-caught fish source?

Let us explain more from the nutritious perspective:

We found some evident for the salmon fish compared the different sources: farmed or wild caught fish.

>From one report in 2001, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that there were more PCBs found in farmed salmon than other sources. That’s almost 7 times the amount of total PCBs within the farmed salmon than wild salmon, found in another study.

>Farmed fish definitely have more omega-3 (EPA+DHA) and omega-6 as it’s normally more fat than wild fish.

>Vitamin D and astaxanthin within wild fish are higher than farmed salmon.

>Although the contamination levels are both minimum for people’s health, we should say that the wild salmon has less of contamination levels than farmed fish.

In a word, if you have two options, then the fish oil marked with wild-caught fish will be a better choice if you’d like to consume the best fish oil supplement.

To know about the benefits of fish oil, you have to refer to here for detail information.