Nutrients every prenatal vitamins must contain

prenatal-vitaminsPrenatal vitamins are an important part on the nutrition of all pregnant mothers. It is difficult to get all the important nutrients even if you fed on a wide variety of foods. However, taking prenatal vitamins is more important for women with dietary restrictions than health women. However, it is advised that all women planning to conceive take prenatal vitamins early enough even before conceiving. For those who rarely eat fish, it is difficult to get the best fish oil without getting the right prenatal vitamins.

Nutrients in prenatal vitamins you can’t get from food easily

Folic acid and iron are probably the most important nutrients in the development of the baby that you cannot find on the foods you eat daily. Even if you get these two from foods eaten, they are never sufficient as the body requires them in large amounts during the pregnancy period.

Folic acid

Getting enough prenatal vitamins and some of the best fish oil can aid in the development of a healthy baby. Most of the side effects that develop in babies happen because they did not have enough vitamin B and folic acid. The neural tube side effects are reduced with cases such as anencephaly and spinal bifida reducing by up to 70%. Folic acids lower the risks of preeclampsia (a life threatening condition that can affect the baby’s organs). Even if you eat a balanced diet, it is always recommended to take prenatal vitamins as a supplement to what you get from the foods.


The usually has increased requirement for iron when women are pregnant hence the need to boost it with a dose of prenatal vitamins. In cases of deficiency of this mineral, iron deficiency anemia is likely to happen leading to low birth weight, preterm delivery and infant mortality.

Other essential nutrients that might not be in prenatal vitamins


Most prenatal vitamins contain calcium but not in large quantities that the body requires. For stronger teeth and bones development in the baby, it is recommended that you increase your dosage of calcium. Learn from your doctor the amount of calcium your body needs and ensure you take calcium pills.

Essential fatty acids

Most prenatal vitamins don’t contain essential fatty acids which are crucial for the development of the baby’s brain, eye tissues, and nerves. Getting the best oil is a major source of essential fatty acids. Choose fish with the best fish oil but ensure you don’t eat much as some fish contains mercury that might not be good for the baby.

Other nutrients your body needs include vitamin D. It is always advised that you speak with your doctor on the prenatal vitamins your body needs most and take them accordingly. Start taking the prenatal vitamins early enough before conceiving to ensure they are readily available when you conceive, either buy it from online or supplement store next to you.